• On an open, flat road that is moving forward lists the words "life coach."

    Life Coaching

    Life Coaching is a process of teaching and motivating. Life coaching is helping the client from stagnation to liberation.

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  • The sun is shining through a couple holding hands with love and confidence through couples coaching.

    Couples Coaching

    Understanding compromise, conflict resolution, raising children and premarital counseling to get the most out of your relationships.

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  • There are several white paper cranes following a bright red paper crane that is leading them with the help of a business coach.

    Leadership Coaching

    Confidential coaching and stress management, giving you assistance with identifying work-life issues and planning for solutions.

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  • A young woman is lifting her arms up to the sky and enjoying life through spiritual development.

    Spiritual Coaching

    Help you define What Is Spirit, and how to heal, protect and nuture your spirit trio – mind, body and spirit.

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  • Individual Counseling

    Professional counseling provided with dignity, respect, empathy and motivation to help you reach your goal.

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  • A team is gathered around a table and is leaning effective team communication skills through a business workshop.


    Schedule workshops to help nurture, protect, display and respect your true self, and improve team communication.

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Service Locations:

  • Coaching, Counseling, Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops service locations vary according to either: Video, Phone, or Onsite sessions; which are available with prior arrangement.

How to get started?

  • Go to the Contact page, complete the form and you will be contacted to get started.


Confidentially is very important and needed for our process. I will arrange our sessions in a quiet, focused and confidential atmosphere. I ask that you do the same when using the offsite service locations and technical devices. At times, technology has its flaws by some information being lost, shared, interrupted, frozen, sent incorrectly and much more. These flaws interfere with confidentiality and have a potential risk to our experience. With our proactive awareness and efforts we can do our part to protect our process and minimize the risks.


Your purchase indicates that you have the knowledge, skill and ability to use your technology device accurately and in a confidential manner. You also understand the potential risks, consequences and benefits of media coaching and counseling.


Your purchased session starts at the scheduled time. A standard purchased session may last between 1-50 minutes. *In person sessions must be prearranged.


If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please give a 48 hour cancellation notice to be accepted for a reschedule day; payments are nonrefundable, a reschedule day is offered. Your rescheduled day must be scheduled and used within 14 days of the missed appointment.