Couples Coaching

  • Couples coaching is for couples that are married, dating, premarital, and or separated while co-parenting. When relationships aren’t working people wonder what can be done to make them better, functional or over. There are many reasons why relationships aren’t working, such as, feeling alone, lonely, misunderstood, toxic, different parenting styles, infidelity, and many more reasons. Often times people aren’t sure what to do with the relationship; some give up and leave, others stay in the physically and emotionally distant relationship while missing the love, respect, peace, and joy they once had. This is when couples coaching may be helpful. Couples often have different ideas about what the problem is, coaching can help brings clarity. The couples do not have to be at odds to seek coaching. The couple without conflict may just want to protect and grow their love, maintain respect and understanding in the relationship. Some may just want to keep the lines of communication open, gain motivation and effective relationship ideas through coaching. Some couples use coaching as a form of nurture to their relationship and a sense of security. Couples with conflict will be coached into identifying the problems, needs or missing factors in their relationship. One of the main goals for couples coaching is to help your relationship gain more love, respect, solidness, longevity, health, happiness and or clarity. Our individual lives go through changes and so do our relationships. Becoming parents, changing jobs, deciding to finish school; any of these things can cause a shaking that threatens your stability as a couple. You can actually turn these events into opportunities for growth, a deeper understanding and love for each other.

  • Sessions May Include:

    • Conflict resolution-defining what’s not working or what can work better
    • Uncovering true feelings of the overall relationship
    • Gaining a healthier communication culture (verbal and nonverbal)
    • Listening and speaking skill building
    • Understanding the process of compromise that promotes unity, growth and support
    • Goal and solution planning
    • Addressing financial issues
    • How to become more intimate mentally, physically and sexually
    • Identifying and removing unhealthy behavior patterns that are not beneficial for the union
    • Address issues of infidelity
    • Premarital counseling
    • Address issues related to blended households and co-parenting/blended families
  • Approach and Framework:

    • Emotional Focused
    • Imago Therapy
    • Social Psychology
    • Family Systems Model
    • Solution Focus
    • Marital, Inspirational and Motivational Books
    • Proven Statistics
  • Specialty:

    • Intensive two-day sessions (two hours each) that identify the root issues for solution planning

How to get started?

couple_coachingGo to the Contact page, complete the form and you will be contacted to get started.