Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership coaching is for the executive, leader, business owner, manager, counselor, pastor, bishop, doctor, lawyer, or anyone in charge or responsible for a group of people, a cause, or territory. Many times, executives and leaders find it difficult to find a safe place to rest their titles and share their deepest concerns and true self without being misunderstood, demoted, look down on, or seen in a negative light. Leadership can be extremely stressful because of excessive demands, expectations, and loneliness. A leadership coach must understand the life of a leader, the pressures, stressors and rewards of leadership. A leadership coach creates supportive environments that foster new and healthier ways of thinking, acting and influencing to achieve significant business and personal results. A leadership coach may also help the leader to identify the personal characteristics, beliefs, patterns, and anxieties that may have caused conflict, low business productivity and or failed outcomes.

  • Sessions May Include:

    • Confidential Coaching
    • Identifying work-life issues and a plan for solutions
    • Stress management techniques that are tailored to you
    • Ways to gain life balance in a corporate world and why it’s vital to your role as a leader
    • Motivation to get the job or task done
    • Help to move you from where you are to where you want to be
    • Activities and homework to challenge you into being your best self
    • On-site observations and shadowing to help you improve business operations, morale and to identify other problem areas
    • Team building and workshops to help you and your team succeed (upon prior request and need).
  • Approach & Framework:

    • Solution Focus Model
    • Psychodynamic Systems
    • Business and Organizations culture
    • Industrial Organizational Modalities
    • Organizational Identity Theory
  • Specialty:

    • Helping Leaders move from stress and isolation to healthier boudaries and a refocused mission
    • Establishing structure in business operations.

How to get started?

leadership_coachingGo to the Contact page, complete the form and you will be contacted to get started.