Life Coaching

  • Sessions will Include:

    • A tailored plan to assist you with reaching your goals
    • Techniques to help you to be your best self
    • Identifying your true self
    • De-clutter distractions that cloud your best self
    • Helping you with and through the transitions of life
    • And much moreā€¦
  • Approach and Framework:

    • Individual Psychology
    • Behaviorism
    • Introspection
    • Inspiration and Motivational Models
    • Proven Statistics
  • Specialty:

    • Diagnosing the root problem or limitation
    • De-cluttering
    • Helping clients gain a new, healthier direction in life
  • More about Life Coaching:

    Life Coaching is a process of teaching and motivating. Life coaching is helping the client from stagnation to liberation. A life coach helps clients to become aware of their abilities, strengths and weaknesses then challenge the client to be better and do better. A life coach seeks to understand the full you that includes your beliefs, values, goals, likes, dislikes and more.

  • Coaching is NOT Counseling; Coaching is-but not limited to:

    • Working through surface issues of life
    • Creating clear brief goals
    • Providing motivation to get the job or task done and the need met
    • Helping the client to move from where they are to where they want to be
    • Helping individuals that are moderate to high functioning
    • This process can be informal/non-conventional
  • Counseling is NOT Coaching; Counseling is-but not limited to:

    • Working through deeper issues of life
    • Psychological treatment goal setting
    • Takes longer than coaching at times
    • Provides psychological treatment to disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, ADHD, etc.
    • Serves individuals that are moderate to low functioning
    • This process is more formal/conventional than coaching

How to get started?

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