• How to get Unstuck; Understanding Survival Mode & How to Thrive There

    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know exactly what you're going to get; is a saying from one of my favorite movies entitled, Forest Gump. What amazes me the most about Forest Gump is that in his stuck/sad moments he kept moving forward and staying true to himself. If there is no movement, there is no life; hearts that do not have movement can’t pump blood, lungs that do not have movement can’t breathe and people that do not have movement in their growth/development/creativity/learning/ areas of their lives, can’t thrive-they are either surviving or having no life. We never know exactly when a stuck moment may come, but it’s evident that something must move for survival.

  • In this workshop you will:

    • Connect the process of “being stuck”, to growth, development, purpose and awareness
    • Learn the dangers of staying stuck
    • Understand the continuum/scale of dying, surviving and thriving
    • Develop a working “Getting unstuck” plan towards growth, development, creativity and learning
  • Rediscover Your True Self

    We all wear many hats in our lives that may cause a façade or wall to hides the true self. Sometimes this wall become so tall we forget, neglect or hide our core/true selves. Thriving in life calls for being authentic with your true self; there are many negative effects that come from a lack of awareness, attention and being authentic with your true self. The true self is genuine to its beliefs, emotions, purpose and core values. The true self encourages authentic experiences and expressions.

  • In this workshop you will:

    • Learn how to rediscover your true self
    • Learn how to keep a clear view of your true self while wearing many hats and dealing with the distractions of today.
    • Learn how to nurture, protect, display and respect your true self
  • Team Communication Skill Building

    Sometimes communication lines are never established, broken or/and blocked. Ineffective communication leads to unproductive working environments and low morale. Ineffective communication is one of the biggest problems that limit productivity and sustainability in the workplace. Improving the quality of communication promotes optimum production, growth and work satisfaction.

  • In this workshop your team will:

    • Learn techniques to communicate effectively within a team
    • Learn how to carry out a time conscious, goal orientated, productive meeting
    • Gain insight on solutions to repair the team’s communication culture
    • Identify communication blockers

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