Spiritual Coaching

  • Spiritual coaching is like life coaching to your spirit; it brings life & healing back into your spirit. Have you ever heard the saying: “His spirit is broken”? Our spirit can be broken, abused, neglected and uncared for; which causes a person to be off-balance and have difficulties thriving in life. A person can have everything they need such as financial gains, a supportive family, healthy bodies and be well educated in the mind; but yet experience great emptiness, despair, loneliness, and feelings of a whole in their heart-this is the spirit aching for healing, protection, and safety. Today, many people are realizing that we are spiritual beings having a body experience. We are a tri-being/human.

    • Human- means dirt, particles, elements, or atoms; in which, we came from- that makes up our body. Therefore, ‘Human’ refers only to the physical body.
    • Being- means alive and having a level of awareness or consciousness. God or the creator of the universe made/developed/blew Spirit in us causing us to be a being or spirit on earth.
    • Mind- is our thinking, feeling, emotions, will power and psychology.
    Spiritual Coaching might be best for you if you are experiencing: uncertainty of what’s causing despair, feelings of an intangible hole in your heart, confusion/uncertainty, extreme loneliness, feelings of heaviness, a spiritual paralyzing experience and or spiritual abuse from an individual or an organization.

  • Sessions May Include:

    • What is a spirit
    • How to heal, protect, and nurture your spirit
    • The trio person (understating yourself as mind, body, and spirit)
    • How to allow your spirit to be its best “being”
    • How to connect your spirit to the greater Spirit/God/the creator of the universe
    • May include a referral to a clergy, minister or your faith if needed
  • Approach & Framework:

    • Biblical references and the Nature of the Creator
    • Spiritual Psychology
    • Depth Psychology
  • Specialties:

    • Concepts and Principals of Spiritual Living
    • Spiritual Abuse

How to get started?

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