Most sessions are about 50 minutes. Counseling sessions may be paid through an insurance carrier or credit card. If you decided to use your insurance carrier, please contact us to make prior arrangements. An individual or group session fee may range between $25.00 to $150 per session. Seminars, workshops, or conferences may vary in fees, please call for more information.

Sessions are currently $90.00 per session; we are offering a package bundle of 4 sessions for $300.00 Please note fees are subject to change with advance notice.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching assists with a variety of life’s concerns; however, it’s primary focus is toward nonmedical, daily life concerns such as stress reduction, motivation, collaboration, accountability, confidant, and much more.

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Counseling Sessions

Counseling assists with medical diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, grief, ADHD, Trauma and much more.

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Insurance Co-Pays

Co-pays are typically in conjunction with your medical insurance carrier and may be paid here. Please call for prior arrangements.



Seminars, conferences, and or workshops are available and may be paid here. Please call for prior arrangements.

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Note: *Service location options are in person, phone, or video conferencing. (In-person) sessions may be available with prior arrangements.



Confidentiality is very important and needed for our process. I will arrange our sessions in a quiet, focused and confidential atmosphere. I ask that you do the same when using offsite service locations and any technique online devices. At times, technology has its flaws by some information being lost, shared, interrupted, frozen, sent incorrectly and much more. These flaws interfere with confidentiality and have a potential risk to our experience. With our proactive awareness and efforts, we can do our part to protect our process and minimize the risks. (please see the consent form for more information on the resources page)


Your purchase indicates that you have the knowledge, skill, and ability to use your technology device and or online services accurately and in a confidential manner; also, that you have read our policies. You also understand the potential risks, consequences, and benefits of online coaching and counseling.

Service Locations

Service location options are either physically onsite, online, video or phone conferencing. The onsite (In-person) sessions may be available with prior arrangements.


The purchased session starts at the scheduled time. A standard purchased session may last between 1-50 minutes. *In-person sessions must be prearranged.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please give a 48-hour cancellation notice to be accepted for a reschedule day; payments are nonrefundable, a rescheduled day is offered. Your rescheduled day must be scheduled and used within 14 days of the missed appointment.


You agree to the Terms and Conditions herein. All fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. You agree by typing your name in the contact option on this site or email-constitutes your electronic signature and understand that it is legally binding. Also, by corresponding and or purchasing the services you consent to receive coaching, counseling or seminar services. Moreover, you may cancel at any time.